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Summit Introduction

Global Workshop from 2 Nov.- 7 Nov.

Workshop Lecturer Tim Huntzinger USA ·Art Center MS in Industrial Design

In 2006 he Graduated from the School of Engineering, Brigham Young University, USA with a Bachelor degree in Transportation Design. In 2009 Mr. Huntzinger received a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from the Art Center College of Design (ACCD), USA. Tim founded the Huntzinger Design Studio, and has been a freelance designer for 10 years. Over this decade he has cooperated with a number of companies, such as Boeing Commercial Aircraft, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, GE, 3M, LEGO and various leading automotive companies, such as Fisker, GM, Lyric motion international, China FAW, Zuumcraft etc. and has filed numerous electric vehicle technology patents. Tim has been teaching as a professor in ACCD Graduate Transportation Design Department since it was founded in 2011. He has taught vehicle design workshops in connection with Tongji University for more than 5 years. He currently works as a Lead Designer at DAQRI Augmented Reality creating wearable AR products and laser holographic in vehicle AR solutions.

Previous Workshop Consultant

CCDIS 2017 Consultants

Part of Previous Designs

Picture of the Class

Day One (Exterior Design) A.M. , Thursday 9 Nov. 2017
  • 08:30-09:00

  • Registration

  • 09:00-09:05

  • Opening( Review Past Meetings+ Guest Introduction)

    Li Chi Fu (Summit Consultant,Former Professor at Tongji University)

  • 09:05-09:10

  • Rong Wenwei (Chairman & Gerenal Manager of SAIC)

  • 09:10-09:15

  • Zhang Lijun ( Head of Automotive College, Tongji University)

  • 09:15-09:30

    Featured speech- Craftsmanship

  • 9:15-9:20 Chair: Misono Hideichi (Summit Consultant& Former Design Director of Toyota )


    9:20-9:45 Shao Jingfeng (Design Director of SAIC Passenger Vehicle Technology Center)

    9:45-10:10 Anthony Lo (Vice President of Renault’s Global Design)

    10:10-10:35 Sam Sun(Executive Design Director of WM)

  • 10:35-10:50

  • Coffee Break

  • 10:50-12:05

  • 10:50-11:15 Chang Bin (Deputy Design Director of BAIC BJEV)

    11:15-11:40 Long Lanbo(Design Director of YanfengAsia Pacific)

    11:40-12:05 Filippo Perini(Chief Designer of Italdesign GIugiaro )

  • 12:05-13:30

  • Buffet

Day One (Exterior Design) P.M. , Thursday 9 Nov. 2017
  • 13:30-15:45

    Featured speeches – Strategy

  • 13:30-13:40 Chair : Lu Di (General Manager & Design Director of JAC Italy Design Center)


    13:40-14:05 Chen Zheng (Global Design Director of Changan Automobile)

    14:05-14:30 Ken Parkinson (Vice President of Design of GM China)

    14:30-14:55 Zhang Fan (Deputy Design Director of Concept and Design Center of GAC Automotive Engineering Research Institute)

    14:55-15:20 Ryo Ikeda(Design Director of Toyota China)

    15:20-15:45 Wonjin John (APAC Automotive & Transportation Business Development Manager, Autodesk)

  • 15:45-16:00

  • Coffee Break

  • 16:00-17:00

    Roundtable – Change

  • Chair : Xiao Ning (Vice President of GAC TOYOTA Motor Co. Ltd. )


    Huang Bin (Vice general engineer of SAIC Commercial Vehicle Technology Center/ Deputy Executive Director of Design center)

    Daniel Darancou(Vice President of Design of CH-AUTO Technology Qiantu Motor)

    Sheva Zhu (Experience Innovation Director of Facecar)

    Others are undetermined

  • 17:00-17:20

  • Group Photo of Speakers

  • 17:20-18:30

  • Dinner

  • 18:30-21:30

  • Workshop Award Ceremony, Designers’Night

Designers’ Night, DAY ONE -9 Nov. 2017(Thursday)
  • 19:00-21:30

  • Award Ceremony And Designers’ Night:

    ·Designer Party

    ·Workshop Award

    Location: Shanghai International Automobile City· Crowne Plaza

Day Two (Interior Interactive Design) A.M. , Friday 10 Nov. 2017
  • 8:30-9:00

  • Registration

  • 9:00-10:50

    Featured speech: Craftsmanship

  • 9:00-9:10 Chair : Li Yanlong (Summit consultant,Professor at Tongji University)


    9:10-9:35 Misono Hideichi (Summit consultants & Former Toyota Design Director)& Akira Matsuda ( General Manager of Toyota DesignModeling Division)

    9:35-10:00 Claude Bourbigot(Director of Dassault Systemes in charge of CATIA Design Center of Excellence for Asia)

    10:00-10:25 Liu Yilin(Design Director of Banma Network Tech. Co., Ltd.)

    10:25-10:50 Lee Inwoong ( Interior&Color Material Design Manager of Fiat Chrysler APAC)

  • 10:50-11:00

  • Coffee Break

  • 11:00-12:15

  • 11:00-11:25 Guy Burgoyne(General Manager of Geely Car Design Center China)

    11:25-11:50 Lu Di (General Manager & Design Director of JAC Italy Design Center)

    11:50-12:15 Timothy Huntzinger(Professor at ACCD)

  • 12:15-13:30

  • Buffet

Day Two (Interior Interactive Design) P.M. , Friday 10 Nov. 2017
  • 13:30-15:45

    Featured speech- Strategy

  • 13:30-13:40 Bumsuk Lim (President of Shanghai TRANSLAB & Professor of Art Center)


    13:40-14:05 Xiao Ning (Vice President of GAC TOYOTA Motor Co. Ltd.)

    14:05-14:30 Baran Gumusel (Global Automotive Solutions Director of Stratasys Inc.)

    14:30-14:55 Yoshihisa Akiyama(Vice President of Nissan Design China)

    14:55-15:20 Double Du (Co-founder & Automotive Design Director of Singulato )

    15:20-15:45 Wang Chao(CEO of Kaiyun Motors)

  • 15:45-16:00

  • Coffee Break

  • 16:00-17:00

    Roundtable – Change

  • Li Chi Fu (Summit Consultant,Former Professor at Tongji University)


    Cao Min( Deputy Executive Director of Design Department of Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center)

    Wang Mian (Director of Evcard Industry Cooperation)

    Wang Chao(CEO of Kaiyun Motors)

    Others are undetermined

  • 17:00-17:20

  • Group Photo of Speakers

Part of the Previous Speakers

Hideichi Misono

Toyota Design Group,Tecno Art Research Co.,Ltd Adviser

Martin Smith

Hong Kong Polytechnic, Professor

Samuel Chuffart

Icona Design& Engineeringn Design Director

Bumsuk Lim

Art Center College of Design, Professor

Li Chih Fu

Ex-professor of Tongji University

Magnus Aspegren

Director, Creative Consulting, Shanghai Studio BMW

Shao Jingfeng

Group Director Technical Center of Shanghai Automotive

Ingo Deking

Director of Corporate Planning and Strategy, Audi China

Tim Huntzinger

Professor Art Center College of Design, USA

Gary Schkade

SAE-International General Manager, China

Simon Hamphries

Toyota, Ex-General Manager of Global Design Management Division; Executive Creative Designer (ECCD) of Toyota

James Shyr

HAITEC Design Center, HAITEC, Luxgen Motor, Yulon Group, Senior Vice President

Taiji Toyota

Nissan Design China Vice President

Ken Okuyama

Ken Okuyama Design CEO; Enzo Ferrari, Maserati Quattroporte designer

Bryan Nesbitt

GM International Operations, VP of Design

Zheng Sulin

Designer Dongfeng Motor Corp. Chief Expert

Lars Falk

VP Volvo Design China

Horii Ikuro

General Manager Shanghai Design Center Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (China) Co.Ltd.

Du Baonan

Chief Of Designer TeamDasi/Drds/Csty Psa Peugeot Citroen Group

Zhang Fan

Design Director Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.,Ltd Automotive Engineering Institute

Summit Dynamics

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