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China Car Design International Summit Organizing Committee

First of all, thank you for your concern and support for "CHINA CAR DESIGN (INTERNATIONAL) SUMMIT 2018".

CHINA CAR DESIGN (INTERNATIONAL) SUMMIT 2018 is a big event held by CCDIS committee (China Car Design International Summit). It provides a great communication platform for domestic and foreign auto designers to enhace exchange and cooperation.

The scale of the Forum will be around 150 attendees and it will comprise two parts, the Design Forum and the Designers' Night on October 26th.

The Design Forum on October 26th will invite distinguished guest speakers in car design field, that include presidents' directors and experts from OEMs and R&D institutes, to give professional speeches on the topic of "New Mobility" and a number of discussion sessions between guests and audiences will be newly added. It will bring up the discussion of ideas on the changable era of car design and the new trends of travel mode.

The Designers’ Night, the same day, will invite guest speakers, presidents and directors from OEMs and experts from automotive Supporting, industries to get together, and will create a high-level social platform for professional communication in car design field.

We warmly invite you to participate in and enjoy "CHINA CAR DESIGN (INTERNATIONAL) SUMMIT 2018".

Organizational Framework



Delivery Partners

CCDIS Committee

  • Rong Wenwei

    Party Secretary and Chairman of Shanghai International Automobile City

  • Xu Tingting

    Vice President of SIAC Development Service Co., Ltd.

  • Li Yanlong

    Professor of School of Automobile Studies, Tongji University

CCDIS Advisers

  • Hideichi Misono

    Vice President of Japan Industrial Designers' Association, former Global VP of Design at Toyota, President of Tecno Art Research

  • Anthony Lo

    VP of Exterior Design at Renault, former Chief Designer at Mercedes Benz, Design Director at GM Europe and Design Director at SAAB

  • Lichih Fu

    Professor of Tongji University

  • Marc Ma

    Guest Lecturer of Transportation Design Studio at China Academy of Art, former experiences as Executive Director of Automotive Research Institute at Zhejiang Zhongyu Holding Group, VP/Chief Designer of Shanghai Way Design Inc.

Conference Agenda

10.19 (Friday)
14:00-17:30 Workshop Registration
10.20-10.24 (Saturday-Wednesday)
9:00-17:00 Workshop 2 (5 days)
10.26 (Friday)
8:30-11:30 KADA + Design Collages Salon + CCDIS Conference Resigration
11:30-13:30 VIP Lunch Time
13:00-17:30 CCDIS Conference
18:00-20:30 Designer's Party & Award Ceremony

Exhibitors and Sponsors

Cooperative Media

Contact Information

Ms. Zhao

185 1625 6272

+86 21 59577610 - 812

No.56 Antuo Rd, Anting, Jiading District, Shanghai


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